Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bad kids? No..

Ever been walking thru walmart and just wanted to just jerk a knot in some kids little ruthless ass that seemed to be wearing a shirt that says "I'm a disrespectful little shit because my parents are idiots and they dont care what i do as long as they dont have to deal with me"? Yeah i know, that would have to wrap around the shirt front to back 8 times, so what. Anyway, "worlds greatest mother" is sorting thru her facebook contacts for a late night booty call, "worlds greatest father" is off over sampling the cough syrup in the medicine aisle, both conveniently not noticing the disrespectful "little shit" has taken off to the toy aisle unlatching the net that holds all of the beach balls intact taking out some lil ole lady with a walker. Meanwhile, with all the commotion attracting everyones attention, "little shit" has acquired a can of spray paint from the hardware section and proceeds to make his rookie appearance in the art of graffiti in the panty and bra section.. yes, he's halfway across the store already. After all this, i lost intrest, bought a beach ball and a can of spray paint (dont know why), oh, and some condoms..